About The Collection

Fall has Avon Anglers forging new territory starting with Delivery 4. We aren’t looking to blur the line in menswear but move it forward to better reflect our reality. Building a wardrobe that is effortless and a workhorse, to do that we focused on designing solution-based clothing.

Working with patternmakers and tailors in New York, every style went through numerous iterations to get the fit just right and a reduction to its integral elements. We started with what we know best: New England staples (read: preppy), fishing, and outdoor gear (read: over-engineered), and refined the focus through our minimalist perspective.

One of the largest ways we’ve reduced our environmental impact is by developing and manufacturing all the clothes in New York City. This effort to protect our planet also helps preserve the Garment District, which is an ever-shrinking eco-system. We want to retain these garment worker jobs and prevent these skills from dying out in America, especially since the factories and sewers we work with in New York are part of the Avon Anglers’ family. That is why each garment in Delivery 4 features a hand-silk screened label noting how many pieces of that style were made and the name of the person who sewed it.

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