Embroidered in Connecticut

Hooks Brief

Italian mercerized cotton briefs feature an elasticated waistband, snug fit, and an embroidered set of hooks on the hip.

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'How To Release' Long Sleeve

In the National Parks Servicesteps to properly Catch and Release: it states before releasing the fish, hold it in the water allowing it to "catch its breath". Maybe it's all the Eckhart Tolle we've been reading but that hit us, with a 'whoa'.

Reel It In

blending in

Cropped Parka

If 'Texas Tuxedo" is wearing double denim, what do you call it when you wear double camo?

Double Up

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In the latest collection, the past fuels the future. We’ve been studying and pulling apart iconic pieces from military and workwear to see what makes them tick. Letting go of the way things have been done and forging our own path in a slow, considered, few-of-a-kind way to bring you pieces you’ll love for years to come. The origins of Catch & Release remind us to: ‘take only what you need, and release the rest’. A catchline that we can all aspire to live by.

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