Cropped Parka - Flecktarn & Gecko

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When looking at the icons of menswear, the timeless M65 parka was at the top of our list. Equal parts functional and fashionable, this jacket works just as well for mountain hikes as it does for your daily commute. We chopped off the fishtail (no pun intended), extended and reinforced the cuffs (made by piecing 5 different vintage fabrics together), and added the brilliant Gecko Green patches so you can stand out just enough!

Here comes the science bit!

Flecktarn camouflage falls under "Disruptive Colorization" which is a form of camouflage that works by breaking up the outlines of an animal, or soldier, with a strongly contrasting pattern. Disruptive colorization was discovered by studying "Crypsis" in animals. Many animals have evolved so that they visually resemble their surroundings by using any of the many methods of natural camouflage that may match the color and texture of the surroundings (cryptic coloration) and/or break up the visual outline of the animal itself (disruptive coloration). 

Still with us? Good! Somehow this got us thinking about the Gecko, although we think of the lizard as being a brilliant green (thanks, Hollywood). There are some species of the gecko that have developed coloration as camouflage; most being greyish brown to black, or greenish brown with various markings meant to resemble tree bark and the lichens and moss that grow on it!

CHEST - 50

HPS to HEM - 20"

SLV from HPS- 25 3/4"

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